About Us

The Birth of Everything in a nutshell.

Founded in 2021, Nothing.Health is a people’s organisation that is woven together by the fabric of values. With Integrity, Sustainability , Humility and Compassion as it’s hallmark pillars, the organisation wishes to establish overall Health and Happiness in people’s lives thus making the world a better place to be in.

Nothing Health takes its inspiration from Lord Gautam Buddha and his discipline in terms of overall absolute health, especially meditation that enables individuals to achieve a greater purpose in life. As a matter of fact health is wealth, so either we live profoundly enough to keep both physically and mentally fit to relish what we have achieved or nothing else matters.

Thus, inspired by the philosophy that the power of thoughts can change the outlook towards life. Nothing Health was incepted with an objective to redefine the absolute definition of well being by including a 360 degree aspect of Intellectual, emotional, social, Spiritual, educational, financial and environmental health


Nothing yet Everything.

We are a unified health platform that provides people with products and services on physical, mental, social and spiritual health. In other words, we are the “Ikigai providers” in modern day Health and wellness.

Our customers can choose a wide range of health related products from our catalogues or choose a wellness services program as per their need. Yes, these services are available in both offline and online format at your convenience. In short we provide everything you need for your overall wellness. We are Nothing yet Everything.


Total Healthcare for you.

As defined by the WHO, Health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just merely absence of a disease of infirmity.

Our organization believes that in the modern day the definition of Health along with that laid by the WHO should extend to spiritual health as well, afterall the overall wellness of a person lies in finding the root causes of certain aspects of health. Our Organization aims to bridge this GAP through cutting edge technology by covering all aspects of Health at one place - Nothing.Health .


Get Obsessed with the Best.

Nothing.Health provides a platform that connects Mentors and Mentees across the world through an application and a website in an Organized, Transparent, and technologically leveraged manner.

This platform mainly focuses on giving an opportunity to the customers to choose between various training, consultation session packages which are not limited to physical health but extend to mental and spiritual health as well. Our clients are provided entire freedom to choose between their preferences and customize their training programs as per their routine.

It also provides an opportunity to several trainers and fitness enthusiasts across the world to leverage our technology and connect with people who might be looking for their guidance and a dedicated mentorship whilst giving them the flexibility to use their own homes, small businesses, customizable locations to provide services which were otherwise inaccessible due to geographical constraints.

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