Wraps Or Gloves?

Wraps Or Gloves?

wraps or gloves?

Each time you hit a heavy bag the force of your punch will pull your hands apart. Handwraps will keep the bones together. Boxing gloves will protect your hands by lessening the physical impact. Hand wraps can provide better grip if you wear it inside your gloves.  

Gloves are in boxing as wheels are in a car; they are completely necessary, but one does have a vast variety of types of gloves one can choose from depending on the needs of the fighter, just as a car needs specific tires depending on the terrain, weather, purpose, etc. During training, however, it is more optional, although trainers encourage using the largest and heaviest gloves to improve their fighters´ punch speed, power, and endurance. But however In a sport where you’re doing nothing but punching, your knuckles are going to take a lot of repeated abuse. As such, having more padding just makes more sense; you don’t need to grapple in boxing, so you can pad your punches a bit more and not suffer for it.

On the other hand, it takes a lot more energy to get a boxing glove going than it does an glove. Here, we’ve got Newton’s Second Law to help us out (And you didn’t think you’d learn anything today, did you?). Simply put, it says that the force equals the weight of an object multiplied by how fast it’s going. So, in theory, it makes sense that a heavier glove, like a boxing glove, would put out more force than a lighter  glove.

 Why Glove wrap ? On the other hand, they are like suspension in a car. While a car could theoretically move around without a suspension, whenever it drives over an uneven path, or runs over bumps or holes, the car will receive great damage. Same idea with hand wraps. When a punch is thrown and it lands on a heavy surface part of the momentum is driven back to the arm . as always it meets its few con’s like

  •  “It takes too much time to wrap up.” When you first learned to tie your shoes as a youngster it probably took you over a minute to tie each shoe.  Eventually you could tie both shoes in a matter of seconds.  No different from wrapping your hands; once you get in the habit, you will be able to wrap both hands from start to finish in less than 3 minutes. If you don’t have 3 minutes to prevent catastrophic hand injury you shouldn’t be boxing.
  • Wraps get tangled when you put them in the washer/dryer”.  If this is your excuse, then I think a sport where you get inside a ring with someone, and punch each other in the face might be a little too much work for you.   Put your wraps in a mesh wash bag and they won’t tangle, and make sure to roll them up once they’re clean and dry.

Not all wraps are created equal. You want to make sure to get a wrap no shorter than 180″, though I suggest getting a longer wrap if you can. Make sure the wrap is semi-elastic, do not get a 100% cotton wrap, it doesn’t stretch properly and doesn’t create the right type of support. Try to get wraps of different colors, this will make untangling the wraps after washing far easier. If you have the space to get a hand wrap roller, do so. It will save you time rolling the wraps up after washing

To conclude with - Hand Wraps and boxing gloves are both essential for boxing. It would be great to cover your hands with hand wraps, as they provide extra grip inside boxing gloves. When it comes to choosing boxing gloves or wraps, many amateurs, beginners and professionals consider Starpro boxing gloves products due to their reliability and affordability. No insult to other brands, but the best part of Starpro is that their quality is the same, but the products are too good in terms of price. Hand wraps can provide better grip if you wear it inside your gloves.

Ref - https://www.verywellfit.com/best-wrist-wraps-4158638 


- Jency Dominic

Research Associate

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