Ideas For Being Active In Your Neighborhood

Ideas For Being Active In Your Neighborhood

Think neighborhood, think nature

The gap between human and nature is wider than ever before. We acknowledge this undoubtedly and move forward with our lives. But have you ever thought of ways to plug this gulf? The solution rests right before us. It’s simple as it is, take an initiative to explore your neighborhood and observe the locality’s environmental treasures and feel what nature can do to your mental and social well-being

Moving from our parents’ house to big cities in search of work or education has become a norm amongst us. Once we move into a new place, we tend to lose our enthusiasm in exploring the new vicinity as we get too occupied amidst our increasing duties and responsibilities. Particularly throughout the two-year-long pandemic, we have been confined in those concrete walls with no primary contacts which has resulted in stress and anxiety in many. During this adversity we saw the strength of solidarity and support in enduring the pain and fighting off the virus.  

To our relief, that era is over and we are onto a new phase in our lives. Everything got back on track within flashes while for many of us, it is still difficult to recover from the recent new normal.

Communicating with more people who have been in the same boat with us is the best way to handle any situation. And to do so, we need to introduce new outdoor hobbies that can offer a form of relaxation and a place for like-minded people to share their experiences and find friendship. Hobbies like gardening, walking or jogging or cycling during your spare time around the locality are the most ideal ones as they can benefit one in multiple ways. Think about it! It can reconnect you with your neighbors, also, a perfect exercise for your body. 

But how do we do this creatively?

First of all, discover a hobby that you enjoy and assists you in exploring your neighborhood. let's take a looking into it- 

  • Own a little garden of your own or houseplants at your abode. Believe it or not, this can attract various discussions with passersby or you might initiate a conversation with someone who has a similar interest. This hobby can make you a lively and responsible person. Isn't it incredible!
  • Well, it's understandable if you can't invest your time in gardening. Then, how about walking? It's an exceptional exercise for your body and doesn't demand too much of your time. Taking a long stroll across the locality can give you a bigger picture of the area where you live. This helps you enjoy the beauty of trees and the sky, feel the wind against the skin and of course, it will help your mind to think fresh.
  • Both mornings and evenings of the same region show different scenes. That means, during these strolls, one can gain a different perspective of the same place. The scent of the air varies too!
  • Needless to mention the significance of photography. During these strolls, you could nurture your nascent photography skills by clicking pictures of nature, infrastructure and other blissful presence in the region. Later, share them in your circle on social media with your thoughts. 
  • Interact with people on the streets. Yes, it can be a little awkward. If you agree, then give them a modest smile? It can spread positivity and happiness across. Oftentimes, it can invite casual discussions on regional social issues. From this one can know interesting events and activities in the area.
  • Other than those points mentioned above. Try to go to groceries or food joints on foot. I would say, just find reasons to step out of your house.
  • Participating in community activities can make you more of a social person in the eyes of your neighbors and it is certainly necessary if you are residing in a close-knit society. This can help you know further about the people who share the space with you. In simple words, you can sense the vibe of your community.
  • If you are somebody who has the interest to learn the values and ethos of the place, then don’t hesitate to sign up in local organizations. It can be a library or an NGO.
  • Owning a car can stop you from having more fun. Why would anyone say that? Look at it, if you take more rides on public transport, you would be able to know so much more about the place and its geography. That means, after a few rides, you wouldn’t require a map to identify the local spots.
  • An evening tea party thrown by you solely for your neighbors is a great way to mingle with them and create a personal connection with each other. It can not only serve you but your family as a whole.
  • Engage in seasonal festivities. This helps you blend in with the crowd and feel their culture and learn their roots. By this, we will be more inclusive and let go of our pre-existing prejudices.
  • In case you are already Petting a dog, then you would know how you end up exchanging smiles or dialogues with people while going on walks with them. Often you might come across pet owners who are interested in setting up a playdate or so. This can later lead to a good friendship. 

being a pet owner can help in socializing

Why would you want to know your neighborhood? Well, it is not a requirement. I agree that we can survive in an unknown place for long and am certain many must have done quite a lot in their lives, whereas just think, if you have a few compatible people in your surroundings, life can be so much easier. Also, if you are a curious person, then these above approaches can assist you in leaving a positive impression among your acquaintances. And through them, you can dig more into the history of this area and opportunities. That doesn’t stop here, every neighborhood has its own good and bad side and your goal is to touch them. 

Written by : 

Sanika Santhosh

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