Standing desks have many benefits

Standing Is Healthier

Standing is Healthy

When we take a quick look at our lifestyles, we would be surprised to notice our adaptability to stay immobile from a sedentary position for hours without complaints and interruptions. It’s mainly because most of our jobs demand us to sit more. It is always a luxury in the beginning while its side effects surge in further years. 

The points below display the key benefits of standing and how important it is to incorporate in our lifestyle. 

  • Reduces body posture and back pain
  • Although there are various reasons for poor body posture, numerous studies demonstrate that desk jobs are the biggest contributor to hunched backs as people tend to push their neck and head forward and slouch their shoulders. This results in pain in the neck and back, also, inviting several ailments. These positions stress the pain, also, strain in one’s back and neck muscles. This culminates in poor posture. 

    Improved posture reduces stress. And a good body posture can directly enhance one’s self-esteem and confidence. 

  • Influences body weight
  • Any movement burns calories. Staying in a sedentary position for hours limits the calories you burn. Also, these habits lead to sedimentation of fat on your waists, also, in certain cases you tend to suffer from indigestion. Sedentary behaviour including lying down and sitting includes limited energy expenditure therefore it is non-exercise activity. In this situation, you burn fewer calories and intake more. That is why sedentary behaviour is so closely linked to obesity. 

  • Lowers the risk of cardiac disease
  • Sitting alters the way our bodies break down sugar. After food consumption, our bodies transform the food into glucose, which is then transported into the blood to the cells. Although glucose is an essential fuel for our bodies, its high levels can increase your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. To bring it to the normal level, our pancreas generates the hormone insulin. While how effectively your body does this links to your physical activities. 

    Sedentary positions have a close correlation to blood glucose control and result in a steep reduction in the performance of an enzyme, lipoprotein lipase whose job is to break down fats and energize the muscles. This reduction can attract increased levels of triglycerides and fats in the blood, prone to cardiac issues.

  • Lowers long-term mortality risk
  • Standing can raise one’s average life expectancy by two years. Moving positions can improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation. Science proves that standing has the potential to lower one’s blood sugar and cholesterol as studies report that standing can increase HDL cholesterol and reduce LDL cholesterol levels. In addition, it can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and common metabolic diseases. Both standing and walking have a crucial role in reducing blood sugar levels by 34%. This helps women as it reduces the average blood glucose and insulin levels.

  • Augments muscular strength
  • Standing with good posture is a great way to strengthen and tone your body. To ensure you have the correct posture, stand up straight and centre your feet below your hips. Tuck in your tailbone, push your shoulders back and straighten your neck so you are holding your head up high. This will help tone your core muscles, and can even raise your metabolism. Standing while working helps strengthen your core muscles and leg, ankle, and foot muscles. It also helps improve your posture and balance.

    The above benefits of standing explicitly display the consequences of prolonged sitting habits. Glady there are various solutions to this concerning issue. There are unique techniques in the market and sets of exercises that target muscular deterioration. 

    Standing desk at workplace


    • This can be curbed once we introduce a combination of working positions in our work life. Also taking short walks and performing shoulder focused exercises after 40 minutes of work can be a permanent solution.
    • Studies have shown that a hybrid of sitting and standing at the workplace can make one more productive. 
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    Finally, standing can have a significant impact on one’s energy and improved mood levels. 

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