Improving your Social Fitness

Improving Social Fitness

Rethinking Fitness

Amid this uncontrollable clamour, many of us are just swayed away in the hope of finding a better future. In this hurry, we often forget to invest adequate time and effort to improve the state of our mind and body. Giving the right amount of attention to self is essential in keeping ourselves resilient against health-related issues and staying active. Considering our ancestors' lives were not as interconnected and complex as ours, we don't have an existing solution in hand to our problem. 

Back in those days, a person’s well-being was assessed based on their physical health and eating habits. It was later altered when the reports began to reveal the significance of mental health in leading a healthy life. Further, the advanced studies began to incorporate mental and social well-being in fitness. 

How do we lead a healthy lifestyle? To achieve any milestones in our lives, we require a healthy body and mind. In short, a healthy lifestyle can make a fundamental difference in a person’s personality and achievements. Foremost, a motivating milieu can positively influence one and widen the ability to think and act better. Therefore, social wellness is a primary factor in a healthy lifestyle. 

A sense of warmth and care in one’s social circle boosts their interest in life and accomplishing goals. Records report that people in healthy relationships and residing in friendly societies manage to cope with stress better and attempt to lead a well-disposed life. Think how a hearty conversation can ease off your stress. It is widely admitted that social interactions accompanied by trust and support can elevate your disposition and make you feel more confident. Therefore, it would assist you to perceive matters clearly and creatively. 

First, identify an activity that can stir your morals, also fulfil a collective goal. The ideal ones are community gardening, literary clubs, outdoor games or regional social activities. These social habits can build a support system and also keep you mentally and physically healthier. Additionally, keep you away from depression, anxiety and other mental issues. 

Let’s assess your social fitness. Note that it would be impossible to conclude your rank with a digit whereas this will assist you in seeing your social life in a wider picture. Moreover, This shows how much time and effort you invest to maintain the relationship. This assessment would enhance your social circle and keep them lasting. 

  • Take a look at your frequent contact calls

This includes your long-term friends, family and partner. Monitor the duration and frequency in interactions with them. This will show how reliant you are on a set of people and their emotions. Moreover, these interactions will display closeness and quality of your relationship with them. 

  • Level of Interaction

Check the number of interactions with people on a daily basis. This includes your co-workers, co-travelers, neighbours and merely anyone. This will determine how approachable you are as a person. 

  • Role of personality

Our interactions are highly motivated and our personalities have a huge impact on it. Wondered how? Well, I am sure you are aware of it already. Some take the lead in initiating conversations or sharing one’s concerns. Some tend to be reserved and enclosed in nature. We must respect it and acknowledge that it has nothing to do with their mental well-being.

  • Whom would you call if you are in trouble/stress?

You might not reach out to anyone or you are one of those people who shares your concerns with your family and friends. This shows your level of trust and dependability on others’ opinions. Then, think of people who reach you for help or just to be heard. This displays your ability to listen and be someone’s moral support. In case they don’t tally then just look at it to see where you stand - a good listener or surrounded yourself with good listeners. 

  • Amount of details

This is a vital matter as well since it can display your level of confidence and communication skills. In addition, there are mainly two types of conversations. Casual and intentional. Casual means you are merely talking with a set of people or one just with no clear purpose while the other one has an agenda. If you are a raconteur you are likely to express your feelings and emotions better and quicker with others. While among closed people, transparent communication is a hard nut to crack. 

Relationships give people a sense of purpose and responsibility in life. The need to stay healthy and looking for better opportunities can make one more successful. This path would make a person more optimistic and positive. If you are interested in leading a healthier lifestyle, then think of introducing new hobbies in your free time. Being a full-time employee or student, finding leisure can be tough. While, how-much-ever one is occupied, hobbies are an essential part in one’s life as it has the strength to improve concentration and stabilize mood swings. And make a person more lively and happy.

Lastly, doing activities together is a great way to handle any issue. Imagine you are working out with a friend or partner, you will be motivated to attend each session with them. This way the results would be in your advantage. Moreover, this will slowly build a routine in your life. 


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