Practice Self-care Every Single Day

Practice Self-Care Every Single Day

Self care for a happy healthy peaceful life

Regular maintenance is necessary for your car and computer to run in perfect order. Your body, mind and soul need regular maintenance and fueling to run smoothly as well. Make the effort to be fully present and experience the moments in each day. When you do, you find that your life has more meaning and richness to it. Learn to just be with yourself but , How ?

1 .Know yourself first & Love the way you are : This first aspect is fundamental. Each one of us is a limited edition. Learning your strengths and weaknesses will help you figure out where to invest more time and energy. And don’t forget that we’re constantly changing, so we’ll never stop discovering new things about ourselves.

2. Start doing things you like : When you’ve learned how to give yourself love, you can truly spend quality time on yourself and others. Because a few minutes when you’re truly present are worth more than thousands of hours when you’re absent-minded and disconnected.

3.Don't put much on yourself : You can absolutely say you do not want to accept a burden that you have no control over. Give yourself time and grace. This is so important.

4.Respecting and valuing yourself. The greatest support you have is your own, as long as you respect yourself. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not just a collection of your failures, but also a collection of your victories. If you have to criticize yourself it should at least be in a constructive way. You’ve done more good than you think.

Self care for a happier you

All of these signals are interconnected and you can start to see the pattern. The main point is that we want to be conscientious of our triggers, to start to notice when we feel these things in our body and to take action. The worst is being stuck and not knowing how to get out of it. Now go and spend some time with yourself – you deserve it! 

- Jency Dominic

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